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Lukhimaj Global Enterprises, a Nigeria-based Private Limited Liability Company formerly known as L. Chuks & Sons Enterprise, was formed and commenced operations in 1978 by Kaneme Chukwugozie Luke, with concentration and diversification in sales and distribution of different kinds of auto spare parts, lubricants and general merchandise.

The paradigm of our business philosophy is based on consistent adaptation to changes and uniqueness in diversity, which has uphold us firmly in business since 1970s and responsive to future dynamics in business-lines.

Amongst our core goal, is not just making products/services available to our existing and potential customers, but typically making available the best quality for durability-satisfaction. Today, we are privileged to connect and serve hundreds of customers everyday with exceptional products and services.

Our 2020 Business Reform Agenda (BRA) paved way to drive with a refurnished mission of scale expansion and serving range of customers with more exceptional products within and outside Nigeria.

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Our inclination with customers, partners, manufacturers and other business relationships are thresholds to our active existence in business world. The credos, our ideology to successful and sustainable business relationship. It has been our coached standard as for every business relationship to be yieldful over time, it must be treated with integrity, honesty, utmost good faith and ethics.



Our drive for high quality products and deep knowledge across several brands of vehicles (experience)


we take on strategy in all measures to make available, varieties of exceptional-quality commodity needed to solve the problems Of our customers.


Our team are staffs with years of experience and vast knowledge on motor parts and spare kits. We drive to give the best assistance on satisfaction to customers’ needs.

“Getting customers’ needs satisfied is our paramount.”


To us, Serving customers better is a threshold. We render several services to customers such as pre and after sales services, market findings and goods delivery.


Partnership is a key to market exploration. On a ready position to effectively wo on business deals as co-importer, market surveyor, Sales Partner or distributor, keeping an optimal relationship with our partners. We uphold to our credop to drive a future with partners


Every existing and potential customers are unique as the others. We put in our best to assist in solving the problem of every customers with genuine and quality products. Serving them optimally is a paramount at all times.

the change match

Responding and adapting to trend in technological advancement and business world innovations has been paramount on our drive for sustainability n business. Thus, keeping our product portfolio updated to meet customers’  demands.

years of existence
response to businesss dynamics

They are really making work go easy for us at our workshop, as spare parts needed to complete our services most times are difficult to get elsewhere, but can be found at their office. Honestly, they are really trying.

Akindele John Technician

Oga Luke and family are just good, knowing different parts for different brands of vehicle is very much applaudable, ranging from Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen, Chrysler, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, kia and many more . When vehicle breakdown in a dead point (bush or faraway places) they can assist with exact parts to get the work completed.

Osagie Efe Engineer

Oga Luke’s  shop is home of oil seals, has in stock different oil seals, brake kits, bushings, oil filters, cables, belts and many rare parts to repair vehicles. They are are recommendable

Okoye Wilson Technician