Oil Seals

We are referred to as home of seals, having in stock over hundred varieties of oil seals across several vehicles and industrial machines.

Oil and Lubricants

Lubricants are pace among our driving commodities, having several products across syntheEngine oil, Automatic Transmission Oil (ATF), Gear oil, Grease, Brake Fluid, Oil Additive, Gasket Maker, Radiator Coolant, Gasket gum, Spray Paint and many more.



Top, valve cover, manufold, buttom plate, exhaust and carburetor gaskets for several vehicles.


Brake Pad, Shoe Lining and BS Accessories

Brake pads, shoe lining and brake system accessories; wheel pots, brake rubbers and caliper seals.

O-Ring seals

Different sizes of o-ring rubbers 

Cables and cable accessories

We have in stock different types of cable and cable accessory.


Filters have significant role in smooth functioning of vehicles. We different types of filters across different brand of vehicles.



Belts are one  among the categories of our green commodities. We strive to make the best quality belts available to customers (use) such the products of Contitech, Bosch, Dayco and others.

Brake Cylinders and components

Master clutch, down clutch, wheel pot and their respective spare components.

Boot and Hose

Quality shaft boots, steering boots, dust cover hose and air hose.

Plug and Its Components

Several kinds of spark plugs across different quality products and components of plugs.


Quality bearings across different brands of vehicle and industrial machines.

Underneath Peripherals

Underneath peripherals; linkage, ball joint, tie rods and bushings.

Pumps and components

Different types of pump and respective components.